6 Gifts for the Writer in your Life

by - Tuesday, May 07, 2019

It’s my 22nd birthday today! I'm totally feeling those Taylor Swift vibes XD

As a writer, I tend to get a lot of gifts that coincide with this passion of mine. I don’t always request writerly gifts, but I always love it when I receive them. So in order to celebrate, here are six ideas of what to give the writer in your life for their birthday (or any other special occasion).

Thank you Megan for these adorable journals!

1. Notebooks, Journals, Paper of any kind...

Writers need a place to write, right? Notebooks make excellent writing journals and can be used for a number of different tasks: drafting, brainstorming, outlining, etc.

I have received notebooks for birthdays, Christmas, and other occasions for years now, and I love them all. It’s always fun to have a new blank space to fill up with my ideas and thoughts.

As I was scrolling through my IG, I realized I use this pen as a prop A LOT.

2. Writing Tools

What do writers do? They write! If your writer is prone to writing by hand, then it’s likely they love their writing tools. Find out what they like best--pencils, ballpoint pens, fountain pens, markers, whatever--and give accordingly. If they don't write by hand, consider finding out if they have a writing software or program they want and help them with that!

My uncle gave me the fountain pen pictured above after I graduated from high school. I don’t think he knew how much of a pen snob I was (and still am!), but I have cherished it ever since (don’t ask me where he got it, I wish I knew!)

Oh look! My fountain pen showed up again!

3. Writing Merch

Shirts, mugs, button pins, socks, you name it! Writers love to show off their writing pride, and merchandise is a fun way to do that.

My sister-in-law gave me a writing shirt last year, and whenever I wear it, people come up and talk to me about writing. It’s really fun talking to people I never would have talked to before just because I was wearing a shirt proclaiming I was a writer.

I received all of these books for my birthday last year!

4. Books, Books, Books

This one seems pretty obvious...but writers are always reading! Give them a book they loved, a book you want them to read, or a writing craft book to help them learn more.

Maybe I’m just lucky, but books I’ve been gifted have always rocked my world. My grandma gave me the Chronicles of Narnia when I was eight, and I loved them. My mom gave me Percy Jackson and the Olympians and later The Belgariad, which both influenced my love for reading and writing. My husband gives me gift cards to buy books at my favorite places (and this is a totally viable option for a gift!) Feeding a writer’s love for reading is always a safe bet.

Photo by Nick Morrison from Unsplash

5. Treat with a Writing Retreat

Sometimes writers struggle to find time to write, so why not give them the time to do it?

This idea may be a little more pricey than others, but hear me out. My uncle (who also gave me my fountain pen), sent me some money through AirBnB so I could take myself on a writing retreat. It was such a thoughtful gift.

It also doesn’t need to be expensive. You could simply clear some time from your writer’s schedule and tell them they have the evening (or morning or afternoon or day) to write to their heart’s content.

What started out as friendship turned into the best writing group ever!

6. Just Show Genuine Interest

Writers sometimes feel isolated and lonely because they spend so much time in their heads thinking about the worlds they are creating or the words they want to perfect. Maybe the most valuable gift you can give your writer is to be genuinely interested in what they are writing. Ask them about their characters, the challenges they are going through, how much time they spend writing...then listen. They will open up if they sense genuine interest.

Some of my best friends today are the best because they have shown authentic interest in what I’m writing. They support me in my endeavors. And really, I couldn’t ask for more.

Sometimes giving gifts to a writer can be hard--but it doesn’t have to be! Be observant, and you’ll find the perfect gift for the writer in your life.

What gifts have you given a writer/been given as a writer? What was your favorite?

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