Graphic Novels I've Read in the Last 6 Months

by - Tuesday, June 18, 2019

I've read quite a few graphic novels in the last six months, so I felt this was a good time to share my thoughts on all of them!

I received ARCs from Netgalley and the publishers in exchange for honest reviews.

Author: Sylvain Runberg
Publisher: Europe Comics
Genres: Fantasy

This graphic novel follows a young man who is a memory-eater, someone whose face cannot be recognized the moment someone looks away. His quest is to help a family get out of the middle of a conflict between two destructive forces. The premise and the world are very interesting, but I felt there wasn't a whole lot of build up and foundation for stakes. Some of the exposition was confusing. The romance was lack-luster. The art was nice, though! It is only a first book in a series, so I might pick up the next book just to appease my curiosity.

Author: Karina
Publisher: Europe Comics
Genres: Fantasy, Retelling

A young woman is the star in the ballet Sleeping Beauty, but something happens to make her fall asleep for 100 years, just like the story. When she wakes up, the young woman pledges to become Sleeping Beauty again. This book's concept sounded interesting, but it's execution was a little too rushed for me. The characters were introduced quickly, and then everything moved on. I had too many questions like, how is this girl able to sneak into a prestigious dance school? How can her friends accept her story so easily? Why don't her friends give her modern clothes for heaven's sake? At least the art was pretty. Just like La Isabela, this is only the first book in a series, so I might give the second book a try if I find it.

Author: Leigh Dragoon
Publisher: Oni Press
Genres: MG Fantasy, Retelling

A retelling of Little Women, except the girls are witches. This graphic novel retells the basic storyline, though it somehow turns it into a mystery (...?) and it takes out a lot of important character development scenes from the original story. The art was really cute (though sometimes I couldn't tell Jo and Amy apart...) It was not my favorite, but I'm sure younger readers would enjoy this a lot.

Author: Leigh Dragoon
Publisher: Candlewick Press
Genres: MG Historical Fiction
This book follows a young girl named Margaret who lives on an island convent, told she was an orphan abandoned to the sisters who lived there. Her quaint, quiet life is interrupted when a woman named Eleanor is exiled to the island. This is an alternate history telling the story of Queens Elizabeth and Mary. I loved watching Margaret grow up and learn the history of the place she lives. The little secrets that pop up are fascinating. Margaret's character arc is well done. The art is beautiful and perfect for middle grade.

Author: Katie Vaz
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Genres: Humor, Self-Help

A short, funny guide for introverts on how to escape certain social situations. As an introvert, I both laughed out loud at some of the ridiculous ideas and nodded my head vehemently at some of the tried-and-true tactics the author mentions. The art is cute (and very purple) and hipster-y. This is a quick read but very fun.

Title: Sweetie, Vol. 1
Author: Sean Dillon
Publisher: Diamond Books
Genres: MG Suspense, Science Fiction
I was not expecting to find myself totally in love with this book--but I am! The art is fun, perfect for its audience. The story is engrossing and funny. And the CHARACTERS. Oh my word.

Maggie is our main character. She has big hair, loves to imitate fight scenes in movies and shows (and is fantastic at it), and it totally helpless in social situations. But she's willing to try to make friends when Griffin, a fellow nerd, finds out that the 'superhero' who saved him at the mall is Maggie. He's lovable and excitable, super nerdy, and just plain adorable. Then there's Merlon and Julie, equally nerdy, though with very different personalities.

I just love how everyone is super weird--it's hilarious. The characters totally stole the show in this book. I'll be on the lookout for Volume 2!

What's a graphic novel you've read recently that you enjoyed?

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