July TBR and Writing Goals

by - Monday, July 01, 2019

A new month means new goals! Last month I totally ignored my planned tbr...oops. ARCs kind of took control in June, and the same is true in July, so I might actually read everything on this list because all of them have deadlines. As for my writing goals, they're going to be a bit different from my June goals. Let's dig in!


Soooo many ARCs--but I'm really excited for ALL OF THEM.

Adaptive: I just finished Reactive by Becky Moynihan (review to come) and adored it. The sequel (this book!) is coming out in July, so I am pumped to read it!

House of Salt and Sorrows: This is a retelling of "The Twelve Dancing Princesses" with a dark twist, and I am HERE FOR IT. I also have some serious cover love for this book--doesn't it just look eerie and gorgeous? *swoon* Ugh I'm such a sucker for fairy tale retellings.

The Silence Between Us: This is a story about a deaf girl who goes is forced to move from her deaf school to a hearing school. It's also a romance, and it sounds so sweet. I have a feeling that this is going to be one of those quiet books that's going to rock my world. I cannot wait.

Into the Hourglass: This book is the sequel to Before the Broken Star, which I raved about last month. I am so, so thrilled to be able to dive into this magical world once again.

The First Girl Child: I've been wanting to read Amy Harmon's books for a while now, but I haven't gotten the opportunity, until now! This high fantasy sounds fascinating, and I'm really excited to see what comes of it.

American Royals: I was so, so happy to receive this book at ALA and I cannot wait to read it! The premise sounds so interesting and fun! Especially after going to D.C. two weeks ago (and filling myself to the brim with history), it'll be fun seeing how the U.S. might have been affected by a monarchy instead of a democracy.

Hopefully I'm able to read all of these (otherwise I'm going to be a bit behind on blogging!) But there's so many amazing books to read right now--I'm sure I'm going to have an awesome month of reading.

Writing Goals

I'm a little leery of giving myself hard and fast goals this month. I'm starting a new job, a new routine, and I'm not entirely sure how writing will fit in. I know it can fit, I'm just know sure where. So here we go.
  1. Write three pages of story every day. I love Julia Cameron's idea of 'morning pages' and Laini Taylor's idea of 'attic notebooks,' so I'm twisting them together. I tried it last month and really enjoyed it, though I had to stop because I went on vacation.
  2. Read two writing craft books. I'm not listing any on my TBR this month since I'm not sure which two I want to read. But hopefully I can do this.
And that's it! Both my reading and writing goals seem pretty lofty, but I hope that I can reach them.

What on your TBR? What are your writing goals for June?

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