Developmental Editing

What is Developmental Editing?

Developmental editing (also known as substantive editing) is when you sit down with an editor and take a good hard look at the global issues of your novel or story, including:

  • plot
  • structure
  • character arcs
  • emotional beats
  • world building 
  • pacing

Are You Ready for Developmental Editing?

You are ready for developmental editing when you have finished writing a novel or story. Great job getting to this point! Maybe you've revised it a couple of times, but now you're ready for some feedback. 

What Will You Get From Me?

If you hire me, I will

  • set a deadline with you. You won't have to wonder if your beta reader or family member will finish reading on time.
  • read through your novel or story and make comments as I go through. These initial comments will be my reactions, thoughts, and notes that I make while I read.
  • send you an edit letter with any concerns, thoughts, and suggestions, focusing on the global issues listed above, but also some scene-level issues I may find as well.

Genres I Developmentally Edit

I can developmentally edit Adult, YA, or MG fantasy or science fiction and any sub-genre within these genres (historical, dystopian, epic, etc.) I also will not edit any novel or story with an extreme amount of profanity or explicit sex scenes.

If you would like to hire me, please contact me using any of the channels here.