Rating System

A five-star book is amazing. I couldn't stop reading, fell in love with the characters, and just want more. I will buy this book, and I will tell everyone to read it. If there's a sequel, I will go find it.

A four-star book is great. It was a fun read, and it held my attention really well. If there's a sequel, I will pick it up. I will recommend this book to others.

A three-star book is good. It didn't rock my world because there were a few things I didn't like. It didn't really stand out to me, but I might recommend it to someone who I think would enjoy it.

I love reviewing books! However, I don't love writing negative reviews. For this reason, I only review books that I give four or five stars (with an occasional three star, if I believe it warrants my thoughts). I will point out if I'm dissatisfied with something, but I try to stay positive. I love recommending and praising the good books in the world, so I don't see the point of spending more time on books I don't like (plus, I usually DNF a book fast if I don't like it, which makes it unfair for me to review a book anyway).

I use star ratings to gauge my enjoyment of a book. This means that I might consider a book well written, but it can earn a lower rating from me because I didn't enjoy the book.

Occasionally, I will add a content note at the end of a review. This is to let readers know if there is any sensitive or triggering scenes or topics handled in the book, or if there is any extreme use of vulgar language or violence. This is only meant to bring awareness to readers who may be sensitive to any of this material--it is not meant to censor a book.

Types of Reviews I Write

Takeaways: These reviews focus on what I learned about writing craft while reading a book. These reviews tend to be more objective, as I like to analyze books whether I loved the book or simply liked it. Occasionally there will be spoilers, as sometimes it's hard to analyze the writing strategies in a book without going into depth. I will always mark spoilers in red.

ARC Reviews: This is a more traditional review. I will give a brief overview of the book, what I thought about the characters, plot, etc. There are never spoilers in these reviews.